Thursday, June 06, 2013

Same-sex 'divorce'

“One of the sweet advantages of insisting that there is no such thing as same-sex 'marriage' is that there is therefore also no such thing as same-sex 'divorce'.”

John Piper is thinking ahead about what a church should do "when, say, two women, who have lived in a so-called married state for some years, are converted to Christ, repent of their sin, and want to join the church...In this uncharted territory, here is a map with some of the biblical guideposts I foresee." What follows is thirteen items he labels "guideposts". Here are two:

1. Rejoice.
6. Help them see, therefore, that what the state has called a “marriage” between them is not marriage.

Have you and your church considered this circumstance? Read more of Piper on Same-sex 'divorce'.

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