Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Are you a pragmatist?

I read and enjoyed Jeramie Rinne's post, I Was a Pragmatist. I recommend that you read it.

Much of Western Christianity, and particularly churches in the U.S., is mired in the mud of pragmatism. Rinne's definition of the pragmatism he practiced is that a church is at liberty to "adopt any structure, program, or strategy that “works” to reach people for Christ as long as the initiative isn’t obviously sinful." Under this mentality of ministry, preachers ask "does it work" more than or rather than "is is biblical". He lists 3 inherent weaknesses pragmatism: pragmatism is exhausting, man-centered and subjective.

Though Jeramie describes it as a "slow process," he says he has learned not to ask, “Will it work?” Instead he asks questions like, “Does Scripture speak to this?” and “How should the gospel shape this decision?” He concludes that "This rediscovery of a biblical vision has profoundly changed my ministry."

I believe you will find instruction and help in his thoughts.

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