Saturday, June 22, 2013

They Sing Of A Heaven

They Sing Of A Heaven is a 15-minute Sacred Harp documentary from 1972, directed by Jerry Stimpfle (University of Mississippi, c1972).

Steven Sabol's and Warren Steel's Sacred Harp and Shape-Note Music Resources describes it as a video that "depicts three distinct styles of class singing, plus other scenes (such as dinner on the grounds) and interviews. The styles are East Mississippi/Alabama Fasola style, North Mississippi white Doremi, and North Mississippi black Doremi."

As I watched this, it grabbed my heart-strings and caused me to shed a joyful tear. Even though I didn't know anyone, I felt like I did. It reminds me of growing up, of old-times that I can't retrieve, and old folks who are no longer here. I liked it for the Sacred Harp documentary element, but I also liked the "folks" element. It feels like "home". Take the time to watch this.

Thanks to David Wright of for pointing us to this documentary.

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