Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tongues, Cessation and the Holy Spirit

Back in May of 2007, I put together a series of posts on the subject of tongues and the baptism of the Holy Ghost. The topic of tongues, personal prayer language, cessationism and continuationism has recently resurfaced on SBC Voices. Because of that, I decided to post links to these posts for ease of access to anyone who might be interested.

Tongues and the baptism of the Holy Ghost
Testimony on tongues -- history in the book of Acts
Testimony on tongues -- the filling of the Spirit
Testimony on tongues -- the baptism of the Holy Ghost
Testimony on tongues -- direct Scripture references
Testimony on tongues -- Biblical evidence of true disciples
Tongues -- an evangelistic tool?

In 2009 I published the introduction, 5 main posts and two appendices in booklet form. I tweaked, edited expanded and updated at that time, but the above links are as originally posted.

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