Thursday, June 20, 2013

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"Too often we take a 'snapshot' view of things rather than a 'video' view and as a result we wind up with skewed judgments. If you were to take a snapshot of the life of the most spiritual Christian you know and study it in the light of Scripture, you could find thousands of spots and blemishes within the frame because even the holiest person is still stained with sin. But if you put that snapshot into a video over the last twenty years of that person's life, a completely different picture emerges. The trajectory becomes apparent and the present is more easily evaluated in light of the past and the direction one is headed toward the future. The blemishes are still there, but the broader context causes them to be judged in light of the positive changes that have been made over time."
Tom Ascol on the Calvinism Advisory Committee Report

"Commercial surrogacy severs procreation from the one flesh union. Commercial surrogacy also commodifies women and children. There are some things that shouldn’t be for sale, and the womb is one of those things. Women and children aren’t objects to be commercialized, but persons to be respected."
Russell Moore writing on How Should We Think about Surrogacy?

"The private meetings of leaders who are unwilling to discuss things where others can witness and hear their conversations about common problems is cowardly, self-serving, unhelpful, and destructive. And to assail those who are willing to publicly discuss these matters, even if the discussion is sometimes negative, while having their conversations kept secret, is hypocrisy."
William Thornton noting Where Frank Page's Calvinist Team Missed the Mark

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