Saturday, June 08, 2013

3 paramount truths re creation

In Jesus and the Doctrine of Creation, Bert Thompson writes about Christ's direct words regarding the creation.He has noted three paramount truths in Jesus Christ's words regarding creation in Mark 10:6. He declared: “But from the beginning of the creation, male and female made he them.”
(1) The first couple was “made”; they were not biological accidents. (2) The original pair was fashioned “male and female”; they were not initially an asexual “blob” that eventually experienced sexual diversion. (3) Adam and Eve existed “from the beginning of the creation.”
Jesus placed the first humans at the very dawn of creation. To reject this one must either contend that:
(a) Christ knew the Universe was in existence billions of years before man, but, accommodating Himself to the ignorances of that age, deliberately misrepresented the situation; or (b) The Lord Himself, living in pre-scientific times, was uninformed about the matter.Either of these allegations, of course, is blasphemous.

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