Sunday, September 22, 2019

The Missionary’s Farewell

The full text of the hymn by Samuel Francis Smith used for two songs in The Sacred HarpCan I Leave You and My Native Land. Smith, a Baptist preacher, also wrote “My country, tis of thee.”

The Missionary’s Farewell.

1. Yes, my native land, I love thee;
All thy scenes I love them well:
Friends, connections, happy country,
Can I bid you all farewell?
Can I leave you,
Far in heathen lands to dwell?

2. Home, thy joys are passing lovely—
Joys no stranger-heart can tell.
Happy home, indeed I love thee:
Can I, can I say, “Farewell”?
Can I leave thee,
Far in heathen lands to dwell?

3. Scenes of sacred peace and pleasure,
Holy days and Sabbath bell,
Richest, brightest, sweetest treasure,
Can I say a last farewell?
Can I leave you
Far in heathen lands to dwell?

4. Yes, I hasten from you gladly—
From the scenes I loved so well:
Far away, ye billows, bear me:
Lovely, native land, farewell:
Pleased I leave thee,
Far in heathen lands to dwell?

5. In the deserts let me labor;
On the mountains let me tell
How he died—the blesséd Savior—
To redeem a world from hell:
Let me hasten,
Far in heathen lands to dwell?

6. Bear me on, thou restless ocean;
Let the winds my canvas swell:
Heaves my heart with warm emotion,
While I go far hence do dwell:
Glad I leave thee,
Native land, farewell, farewell.

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