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Appendix C: First entries in Union Church book

First entries in Union Church book after organization
Sabbath - Church met for business - chose bro. Green moderator - named the church Union - a door opened for the reception of members - received by letter; Elizabeth Whitaker and Seleta Whitaker by experience; Benjamin F. Whitaker, Elijah Anderson, Leander Tipps, Mary Sparks, Sibel Bryant, Elizabeth Ann Whitaker, Tera A. Whitaker and Jackson a black boy, the property of Elizabeth Whitaker, May 1838.

Saturday before the first sabbath in June- Church met.for business - . chose bro. Cook, Moderator - opened a door the reception of members, received by experience, - James H. Sparks Levi Sparks, Henry M. Smith, -Henry Cook, Henry Rogers, Sarah McNulty, Elizabeth Sparks, Polly Cook, Ethily Sparks, Milly a black woman of B. F. Whitakers and Mary a black woman of Elizabeth Whitakers; by letter William Sparks.
Dismissed by letter bro. John Eaton and Wife.
C. H. Whitaker, Clk.

Saturday before the first sabbath in September. 
[1838] The Union church met in conference - opened door for the reception of members: received by experience; Judak, a black woman, of J. H. Sparks. 
The church resolves to have four days communion meetings during the year, the first of November and quarterly thereafter.- agreed to have travel of mind until Oct. meeting to chose a
J. L. Bryant

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