Sunday, May 26, 2019

The Church (hymn)

1. The church was bought with Jesus’ blood,
A habitation for our God;
It is a city built four square,
And all the saints of God dwell there.

2. The church has Jesus for its head;
Its members by His Word are led.
They follow Him in righteousness,
For all His ways are paths of peace.

3. The church was built upon the Rock;
It can’t be moved by tempest shock.
The gates of hell cannot remove
This sacred object of His love.

There is no other king or head
By whom the church is ruled or led.
Christ Jesus is its only Lord;
His church is guided by His Word.

Words by Roland Rudolph “Rue” Porter (1890-1967)
“The Church” was copyrighted in 1950 by Porter and James L. Neal

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