Friday, May 10, 2019

Words, and more words, again

Some more words and their definitions:
  • autoschediaze, verb, intransitive. To do something hastily and without preparation; to extemporize, improvise.
  • avuncular, adjective. Of, relating to, or characteristic of an uncle.
  • blue-john, noun or adjective. Milk, that is becoming soured. Often applied to skimmed milk. Compare blinky.
  • bonification, noun. The action or an instance of making something good or better; amelioration, improvement; (in later use) spec. the reclamation of land for the purpose of cultivation, construction, etc.
  • Interweb, noun. The Internet or the World Wide Web.
  • materteral, adjective. Of, relating to, or characteristic of an aunt (particularly, maternal aunt; not in common use).
  • Moaning Minnie, noun, colloq. A siren or klaxon, esp. (now hist.) an air-raid siren.
  • ojek, noun. A trader who transports goods using a bicycle (a borrowing from Indonesian).
  • Pax Romana, noun. Originally, a state of relative peace maintained throughout large parts of the Roman Empire. Now also in extended use: a widespread (esp. international) state of peace maintained under any jurisdiction.
  • pungitive, adjective. That pricks or stings; sharp to the senses; fig. (chiefly Sc.) keen, biting.
  • roxy, adjective. Of fruit: overripe, almost rotten.
  • scrithe, verb, intransitive. To stride; move forward.
  • scribblemania, noun. Intense enthusiasm or mania for writing.
  • scutchell, noun. A narrow lane or passageway between buildings or hedges. Also: a narrow passage inside a house.
  • twitchel, noun. A path between hedges.
  • sprucify, verb, transitive. To make neat, trim, or attractive in appearance; to smarten; to spruce up.

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