Sunday, August 19, 2018

The Plan of Salvation

Excerpts from a very long poem by Jonas C. Sikes, 1929

Come all ye men of every age-
Yea, all the noble and the sage,
Let’s view the things that God hath done
The counsel twixt the Three-in-One.

Before the earth, before the skies,
Before the noble or the wise,
Yeah long before there was a man,
All things were settled in His plan.

In God’s decree which was of old,
A bleeding Lamb we do behold,
Brought forth as slain for fallen man;
All this was in God’s wise laid plan.

Faith views God’s plan before the world,
Before this rolling sphere ere whirled,
And sees that sin was just as sure,
As grace, which is sin’s double cure.

We must admit God did intend,
To execute some glorious end;
His glory was the end designed,
To which all things were predestined.

‘Tis here we see man brought to view,
With nothing good that he can do;
He cannot satisfy the law,
Hence can no blessings from it draw.

‘Tis here that Gods’ free grace steps in,
This grace doth reign much more than sin;
It reigns to free from death’s great power,
It reigns to keep us every hour.

It reigns to conquer sinful lusts,
And bow us down unto the dust;
It reigns to raise us up again,
This glorious grace doth sweetly reign.

It reigns to bring us unto God,
And make us know and love His Word;
It reigns to make His saints obey,
His laws and precepts every day.

It reigns where’er His saints are found,
It reigns more than sin doth abound;
It reigns that we may show His praise,
In time and unto endless days.

Arise my soul and ne’er forget,
This grace that cancelled all thy debt,
And reigns to guide us in the way,
And bring us blessings every day.

O glorious hope: O wondrous plan
In which is seen God’s love to man-
O give me grace to tell the story,
And magnify Jehovah’s glory.

Come then dear saints who love His name;
All whom these thoughts your souls aflame,
Come; let us join to shout His praise,
Through sin’s dark maze to endless days.

And when we all shall meet in heaven,
Where all these blessings first were given;
O then we all shall see His face,
And know the fullness of His grace.

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