Monday, August 13, 2018

32 Things You Might Not Know, and other links

The posting of links does not constitute an endorsement of the sites linked, and not necessarily even agreement with the specific posts linked.
  • 32 Things You Might Not Know About Charles Spurgeon -- "Spurgeon’s mother had 17 children, nine of whom died in infancy."
  • 1899 Sketch of Old Lowndes County -- "Old Irwin county [Georgia] was composed of sixteen districts, and included the present counties of Thomas, Brooks, Worth, Colquitt, Berrien, Lowndes, Clinch, Echols, and Irwin."
  • A Conservative Christian Declaration -- "This declaration reaffirms a historic commitment to fully orbed conservative Christianity. The authors believe in transcendent, absolute principles of truth, goodness, and beauty..."
  • Anno Domini or Common Era? -- "... a child educated from the beginning to use the abbreviations B.C.E. and C.E. would actually know less than those trained in the use of B.C. and A.D. The numbers would stay the same, but the student would have no idea why those numbers are used."
  • Eulogy of Elder Ansel Parrish -- "Many of our readers knew a man, now gone from view, whose plain and simple life, unadorned with the polish of modern culture, illustrated in a striking degree many of the higher and nobler attributes of manhood."
  • Image of God -- "Whatever the image of God means, it is by definition inseparable from the human species."
  • Prosperity Gospel Taught to 4 in 10 Evangelical Churchgoers -- "Survey finds most Protestants believe God wants them to prosper financially. But views diverge on whether they must tithe to receive it."
  • Revoice is over. Now what? -- " Evangelicals have been long overdue in considering these questions carefully in the light of scripture."
  • Sacred Harp Singing Convention returns to Henderson -- "Singers founded it in 1855 as the East Texas Musical Convention. Young and old keep the tradition of Sacred Harp singing alive annually in Henderson."
  • Snafusage -- "The other day, a nice middle-aged man heard me say...He later stopped me kindly in private and informed me about the word’s etymology."
  • The Conservative Philosophy of Culture and Worship -- "Belief in these transcendent principles is rooted in a conviction that God is the source, sustainer, and end of all things."
  • The Gnostic World of John Walton -- "The history of the church includes well-meaning scholars who introduce ideas that undermine Biblical authority. This is the case with the gifted Old Testament professor Dr. John Walton."
  • The Progressive Philosophy of Culture and Worship -- "Such a [progressive] philosophy suggests that, instead of beginning with some notion of universals we wish to conserve in determining our posture toward culture, especially in our worship, the church’s foundational missional impulse requires prioritizing contextualization in the contemporary culture."
  • What Censorship of Alex Jones Means for the Rest of Us -- "Alex Jones is a conspiracy theorist whose conspiracies are often wrong. On occasion, however, Alex Jones is ahead of the curve on reporting information that is later picked up and validated by the Mainstream Media."

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