Tuesday, August 28, 2018

3 Funny Eye-Dees

...or, Ideas, if you ain’t from around here.

The Deep Theologian
There are plenty of deep theological waters in the inspired scriptures, treacherous for the wader who must either sink or swim. If we hold men’s persons in too high of admiration, we are liable to mistake the gurglings and gasps of the drowning man for some deep theological truth!

My Free Will Trumps Your Free Will
Funny how the loudest proponents of “Free Will” in salvation are often the quickest to violate it. If you believe salvation is just a free will decision or choice, why not just preach the gospel and leave the hearer to his or her free choice? Why the arm twisting, mental manipulation, and downright intimidation to force a “decision” out of the hearer? You claim God cannot force and has no right to force someone to be saved. Then what gives you that right to do what you forbid God to do?

To Be or Not To Be
...A Baptist
Modern liberal Baptists think churches holding any and every belief can be recognized as Baptist. However, when they talk about history, any little violation of their concept of Baptist Identity keeps forerunners from being considered Baptists! What? On the hand, many contemporary Landmarkers think any variation from their concept of Baptist Identity keeps other modern Baptists from being true Baptists. However, when they talk about history such variations never keep forerunners from being considered Baptists. Consistency, thou art a jewel.

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