Saturday, July 07, 2018

DAISY: the Five Points of Arminianism

In a previous post I linked to a soteriological acronym called "Daisy." The link is no longer good, so I found the information and am posting it below.
DDiminished depravity – Humanity is depraved, but God uses prevenient grace to restore man’s ability to respond to Him.
AAbrogated election – God bases His election on His foreknowledge of those who freely choose Him.
IImpersonal atonement – Christ died for everyone, making salvation possible for everyone.
SSedentary grace – God calls everyone to salvation, but many freely reject it.
YYieldable justification – The saved can fall from grace and lose their salvation.
*The DAISY acronym is much harder to pin down as there are several different versions (I’ll discuss another when analyzing Arminianism). Also, many Arminians do not like the acrostic. Several versions of DAISY have been pushed by Calvinists as caricatures of Arminian theology. Many Calvinists seem to also enjoy making the lame joke that the Arminian flower is a daisy because they pull the petals off saying, “God loves me. He loves me not.”

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