Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The Wit and Wisdom of Steve Brown

[I heard something like this from Steve Brown, on the radio, and wrote it down as it seemed to be.]

The Presbyterian Frog

A young lady was walking along a path one day and spotted a frog on a stump. To her surprise the frog could talk, and said, “Hi, young lady. If you will just kiss me, I’ll turn into a very spiritual Presbyterian preacher.” She picked him up, looked at him, and then put him in her pocket. 

“Wait!” the frog exclaimed, “if you kiss me I’ll turn into a Presbyterian preacher!” 

The young lady replied, “That’s OK, I’d rather have a frog!”


[Apologies to all you Presbyterian preachers, but the one who told it was a Presbyterian. If the frog had told her he would turn into a very spiritual Baptist preacher, she probably would have kissed him – just so she could see what one of those looked like!]

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