Wednesday, February 07, 2018

A Reader’s Bible

The Holman KJV Reader’s Bible (ISBN: 9780805489606) has the full King James Bible text, presented in paragraphs and single column, without any chapter or verse divisions/headings in the text of the writing. The chapter (or chapters, as applicable) is listed at bottom of page, inside the page number. Paragraphs are indented, and there is a space between chapters.

Initial impressions of the Holman KJV Reader’s Bible.
  • The Bible is a “Leather-look” hardcover. It looks nice, though I would have preferred a leather cover. Currently, preferences do not matter. This is the only cover – and only KJV Reader’s Bible –available.
  • The pages are a little thin, with some “bleed-through” – that is, you can see the “ghost” of the type on the reverse page. This isn’t unusual in Bible paper, necessarily, but it is still a negative feature.
  • In the back there are eight pages of maps.
  • The Psalms are in paragraph format, just like the rest of the Bible. Since these are songs rather than prose, I would like to see them formatted differently. Not a major drawback for reading, but formatting that looks more like a song/hymn would be better, in my opinion.
  • One black ribbon bookmark.
  • Oddly, the advertisement says this Bible has 1840 pages, but there are only 1704 – 1681 pages of text, 8 pages of maps, 7 blank pages between the Bible and the maps, 2 unnumbered pages before Genesis, and 6 pages with small Roman numerals in the front.
  • Despite all the pictures I have seen, the edges of the cover are square rather than rounded.
  • About $35 to $40 most places (actually may not be that easy to find; several places – including Lifeway! – list it as out of stock today, 7 Feb 2018.

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