Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Sandy Valley - Do not marble

Old Elder Lowall from up on Jackal Ridge was through Sandy Valley on his way to Moose Lodge. Elder Lowall is a fine upstanding fellow who knows a lot about Christianity and lives what he knows. He also sometimes gets mixed up on things he doesn’t hear well. You see, Elder Lowall can’t read, so his wife reads the Bible to him. Sometimes he “mishears” what she reads!

While he was in Sandy Valley, the body of Christ there invited him to preach to them. The message started well, as he took off his coat and began to get down to business. Then, remembering what his wife has recently read to him from John, the old elder emphatically shouted, “Marble not! The Bible says, ‘marble not’ and we need to obey it now that we know what it says. No young’un ought to play marbles for so says the Bible. The Bible says it, and I believe it.” Elder Lowall continued on in his message emphasizing other prohibitions from the Bible – lie not, steal not, and so on, all these much more recognizable than his exhortation against playing marbles! When the time came for handshaking, the brothers and sisters politely praised his message tagged with a “God bless you” or something similar. All except Elder Poden Tate, that is. Elder Tate gave him a firm hand clasp, pulled him close and said in his ear, “Brother, I believe you’ve lost your marvels.”

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