Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Why Christians Don't, and other links

The posting of links does not constitute an endorsement of the sites linked, and not necessarily even agreement with the specific posts linked.
  • Why Christians Don’t (and Won’t) Support Gun Control -- "This view of mankind as essentially evil is in stark contrast to the collective wisdom of our modern age, which holds to John Locke’s tabula rasa theorem that man is born with a blank slate."
  • We All Marry the Wrong Person -- "If you catch yourself saying, 'I married the wrong person,' I challenge you to take the focus off your spouse and put it back on yourself."
  • The Days Do Matter -- "Hugh Ross devotes many pages to arguing for a non-literal meaning of the “days” of creation..."
  • The Canon of the Old Testament Books -- "The so called 'Protestant' Canon of the Old Testament has 39 Books, which are the same that the Hebrew Bible Canon has, which is 22 Books. Though there are different number of Books, there is no difference in the content..."
  • NC Pastor fatally wounded in local hunting incident -- "A North Carolina coyote hunter’s electronic coyote caller was apparently so convincing, he ended up being mistaken for a coyote and was shot and killed."
  • Man removes feds’ spy cam, they demand it back, he refuses and sues -- "This federal lawsuit has raised thorny questions about the limits of the government’s power to conduct surveillance—in the name of border security—on private property, without the landowner’s permission."
  • John’s Gospel, According to Eusebius -- "I was taught, I had read that the Gospels were anonymously written after decades of oral tradition after 70 A.D. I learned differently by first dating Acts and Paul's early epistles."
  • How My Blog Grew to 1 Million Pageviews a Month -- "I always say that the day before everything changes feels like just another ordinary day."
  • Have Education Department Mandate Active Shooter Protocols -- "Israel figured out how to stop school shootings 40 years ago; It's time the U.S. followed suit."
  • Group asks for removal of Father Marquette Cross -- "The historic Father Marquette named in remembrance of famed missionary Jacques Marquette, a Frenchman among the first Europeans to discover a large stretch of the Lake Michigan coastline — including Ludington — in the 1670s."
  • Florida Teacher of the Year's Gun Violence Post Goes Viral -- "She said when she began teaching 20 years ago, she never had to worry about calling a student’s parents and getting cussed out, told to go to hell, or threatened with a public shaming all because she was calling out their child’s behavior."
  • Counting English Translations -- "This encyclopedia is the first book to identify, explain and categorize more than 1,400 versions of the English Bible."
  • Christina Bennett -- "February is Black History Month, so I want to introduce you to an up and coming, young black pro-life leader, Christina Bennett."
  • A Study of the Greek Text of 1 John 5:6-10 -- "Now, the Apostle John would not only have been very able in the Greek language, but, he was writing under the guidance of God the Holy Spirit. There is no doubt that he would have employed the correct Greek grammar for what he wrote..."
  • A Gun-Control Measure Conservatives Should Consider -- "To describe these differences is not to say that the two sides never meet...there is broad conceptual agreement that regardless of whether you view gun ownership as a right or a privilege, a person can demonstrate through their conduct that they have no business possessing a weapon."
  • 5 Ways Pastors Can Prepare Their Churches for Suffering -- "As you seek to shepherd your congregation, don’t wait until suffering comes. Don’t start preparing people for death in the ICU."

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