Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The King James Bible, Jack Hyles and Peter Ruckman

Those who read this blog (and hear me teach) know that I use the King James Bible in private study and public ministry. I do this not for convenience, but because I believe its accuracy of translation and underlying Greek texts are superior to other translations. I recommend only it to others for personal study, public use and private devotions.

At “Seeking the Old Paths,” I have written Thoughts on King James. I have highlighted the positives of the King James Bible, and as well as explaining details of Why the Ye's and Thou's are in the King James Bible (and worth retaining) – even considered the one use of Easter in the King James Bible. I have gone negative in Answering the Anti-KJV Agenda.

At times promoting the King James Bible requires its proponent to speak out against false-supporters of the book. Two of these are Jack Hyles and Peter Ruckman.  Peter Ruckman’s views are probably the most widespread. His doctrines of “double inspiration” and “advanced revelation” are in direct conflict with what God has revealed in His Word. Jack Hyles’s influence may be lesser than Ruckman’s, but his doctrine may be more pernicious in that it touches the very heart of the gospel and salvation. In the next two posts I intend to address these errors.

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