Saturday, March 25, 2017

O the Rock, by J. P. Lane

1. O the Rock! ‘tis a cleft and a strong, sure defense
From the dark gath’ring tempest so threat’ning and dense.
In the Rock we are safe, we will suffer no fear,
But in peace that is changeless, we rest sweetly here.

2. O the Rock! safely shields from the foes that surround,
Tho’ the perils are many, and tempters abound;
In the Rock, all secure, from all harms we abide;
Since He shields us and keeps us, no ill can betide.

3. O the Rock, blessed Rock, what a calm, blest retreat,
We will rest in the shade all secure from the heat;
In the Rock we’re contented, we're happy and free;
Sinner, flee for thy life, O to this Refuge flee.

Refrain: For the Lord is our Rock and is mighty and strong,
And in Him we are safe He’s our help and our song.
In the Rock we will rest till the storms all are past;
He will guide thru the gloom till the light dawns at last.

By J. P. Lane

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