Wednesday, March 01, 2017

More CSB

In their online explanation of Why this Bible is needed, Lifeway/B&H notes there is a problem of people reading their Bibles less and less. To help solve the problem, enter the CSB, “a Bible optimally translated for today’s English reader.” Of course, we already have a plethora of a Bibles (supposedly) “optimally translated” for today’s English readers – but we still have the problem. CSB apparently threads the needle between “clunky and hard to read” and “stray(ing) away from important precision” [i.e. accurate translation, rlv]. Of course, that was what the HCSB was supposed to do, but now here they are replacing it in less than 20 years.

The following link gives Comparison Verses in the CSB, with explanations. It compares certain CSB texts with HCSB, NIV, ESV, NLT and KJV.

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