Monday, March 13, 2017

Excerpts of Philadelphia Baptist Association

From Gillette's compilation of the minutes of the Philadelphia Association (1707-1807)

  • 1753, p. 70: "Concluded, that any brother called by any of our churches to exercise his gift, when approved of at home, should, before his ordination, visit other churches, and preach among them, and obtain from those churches concurring evidence of their approbation, that it is proper and convenient that such may be ordained."
  • 1755, p. 72: "Appointed, that one ministering brother from the Jerseys, and one from Pennsylvania, visit North Carolina: the several churches to contribute to bear their expense."
  • October 1766, p. 97: "After prayer, it was moved and agreed: That it is most necessary for the good of the Baptist interest, that the Association have at their disposal every year a sum of money. Accordingly it was further agreed: That the churches, henceforth, do make a collection every quarter, and send the same yearly to the Association, to be by them deposited in the hands of trustees ; the interest whereof only to be by them laid out every year in support of ministers travelling on the errand of the churches, or otherwise, as the necessities of said churches shall require."
  • October 1771, p. 119: "A motion being made in the Association, relative to the appointment of an Evangelist, it was universally agreed that such an appointment promised much advantage to the Baptist interests. Five ministers were put in nomination for the ofiice, viz : Rev. Messrs. John Gano, Benjamin Miller, Samuel Jones, David Jones, Morgan Edwards. The choice fell on the last, which he accepted on the conditions then specified."
  • October 1772, p. 124: "The thanks of the Association were returned to brother Morgan Edwards, for his services in travelling and visiting the churches to the southward ; and the interest of the Association fund, for the last year, voted him, together with £6 more, made up by the brethren present, and sent him by Mr. Samuel Jones."
  • 1773, p. 128: "Also a letter from the Quekuky Association, in North Carolina, thanking us for our care in sending messengers among them..."
  • October 1773, p. 130: "The usefulness of a travelling minister on this continent appearing more manifest by trials, and Brother Morgan Edwards declining the office, it was agreed, that Brother John Gano be a messenger of the churches for this year ; and that the treasurer do pay him the interest of the Association fund, to help defraying his expenses." (Edwards was chosen as an evangelist of the association in 1771, and had travelled so in 1772)
  • May 1774, p. 135: "A motion being made, that Brother John Gano should give an account of his travels to the southward : he accordingly did, by which it appears he has been indefatigable in his labors, and that a minister, travelling annually, according to the plan proposed, may answer very valuable purposes."
  • October 1774, p. 142:  "Voted, That Brother Gano be paid by the treasurer the interest due on the Association fund, towards defraying his expenses in travelling the last year : accordingly he received £12."
  • October 1772, p. 124: "A certificate was given to Brother David Jones, who intends to visit the western tribes of Indians the next winter, to ascertain his good standing with us. Also, at his request, a motion was made to recommend his case to the respective churches, as he must be at the expense of paying his interpreter £5 per month; and the contribution made to be sent by their messengers to the next Association. If not wanted, the money will be returned to the donors."

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