Wednesday, March 08, 2017

A Double Standard?

Muslims held to double standard in cases of faith-based violence -- "Three-quarters (75 percent) of the public say that self-described Christians who commit acts of violence in the name of Christianity aren’t really Christian, while half (50 percent) of the public say the same about people who claim to be Muslim and commit religiously-motivated violence."

Found this "double standard" article in the Baptist New Global feed. I don't think there's anything unexpected here. A poll taken in a country that is nominally Christian and of predominantly Christian heritage will normally expect (yes, know) that Christians who commit acts of violence are not following what they have been taught in churches. It is not unusual then that they would question their Christian faith. On the other hand, the same folks, generally, don't know or understand as much about what is taught in mosques and have at least heard that some do support violence against "infidels."

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