Friday, May 20, 2016

Preaching and worshiping in two states

Pilgrim's Rest meetinghouse sits at a picturesque point on State Line Ridge, roughly halfway between Whitewood, Virginia, and Jolo, West Virginia. This traditional Old-Time Baptist structure literally straddles one of the southernmost segments of the Virginia--West Virginia state line, with the result that some of the Pilgrim's Rest members who worship in the church's right-hand benches do so in West Virginia, while those who sing, shout, and pray on the left side do so in Virginia. Indeed, during the course of one of the fellowship's monthly meetings, an elder often will end up having preached in both states, as a result of his vigorous surging from one side of the stand to the other.
From In the Hands of a Happy God by Howard Dorgan, page 31

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