Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Not required, and other quotes

The posting of quotes by human authors does not constitute agreement with either the quotes or their sources.

"We are not required by God to confront a person every time he or she offends us." -- Tim Challies

"God's silences are His answers. If we only take as answers those that are visible to our senses, we are in a very elementary condition of grace." -- Oswald Chambers

"If I reach in my pocket and give you money for food, it's charity. But if I reach in someone else's pocket and give you money for food, it's theft." -- copied

"Your greatest idol is the last thing you are willing to let go of for the sake of the living God and His glory." -- Joel Rainey

"A man who is not obedient to the faith has no basis upon which to consider himself elect." -- Mike McInnis

"I have no desire to build the church, since Jesus said He would build the church and I really don’t want to compete with Him. It’s His church." -- John MacArthur

"Be cautious about those who take wisdom from the world, spiritualize it, and apply it to the church." -- Bud Ahlheim

"One should always remember that all that glitters in organized religion is not gold." -- Wade Burleson

"In Christ, there is nothing I could do that could make God love me more; nothing I have done that makes Him love me less." -- J. D. Greear

"If it wasn't for God's preservation there would be no persevering and then those who don't are not saved, which would be us all!" -- Mikal Smith

"There is no togetherness for the gospel when the victim stands alone." -- James Kessler

"People can abuse both autonomy as well as accountability. Autonomy can be used to justify sin. Accountability can be used to subjugate people." -- Jim Pemberton

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