Saturday, May 21, 2016

Food for thought

"And he feared the Lord all the days of Jehoiada the priest." (2 Chronicles 24:2) "My 'religion' such as it is, if it is at all, may only be an heirloom handed down from pious ancestors. How often do we see people apparently sound in faith until their 'Jehoiada' dies, and then zilch. Like the moon, their light was only reflected from a godly husband, wife, friend, parent, etc." -- John Gordon Crowley

"We see many young couples who are zealous to raise their children “in church”, yet when the kids get to be teenagers and other interests, hobbies, and sports enter the picture, then they conveniently see the need for “family time” and then get “out of the habit” of assembling with the saints...At the last all of our “religion” shall be manifested for what it truly is." -- Mike McInnis

"One thing that gives me some odd comfort is the thought that even Judas had a role to play according to the purpose of God. If we can ever get our mind off what is to become of our own miserable hide, and look solely to the glory of God, everything falls into place." -- John Gordon Crowley

"We make idols out of our country, culture, heritage, ethnicity, etc. We also make idols out of sins that people commit against us, our own offendedness, and our own entitlement status. We turn our very comfort and convenience into idols and ask God to bless it." -- Jim Pemberton

"You can’t preach a man-centered, “its-all-about-you” gospel, offer eternal absolution on the basis of a prayer repeated or an aisle walked, and not, eventually, realize your church is stuffed to the stained-glass windows with false converts." -- Bud Ahlheim
"If I have learned anything in life, it is to assume I am capable of anything." -- copied

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