Monday, May 09, 2016

Interesting baptism exchange

The following is an interesting off-topic exchange from a discussion on preaching, in which Bob Cleveland made the strange claim that no one has ever correctly answered why Southern Baptists require immersion to join their churches.*

Bob Cleveland:
"How about preaching about the reason why nobody I’ve asked has ever given me a correct answer ... in terms of our core beliefs ... as to why one must be immersed to join an SBC church?"
Bart Barber:
Just so you won’t be able to say “nobody” any more.
  1. Baptism IS immersion. Non-immersion is not baptism.
  2. To refuse to be baptized is deliberate disobedience against Christ, who has commanded us to immerse disciples and to be immersed as disciples.
  3. The person in deliberate, unrepentant disobedience against Christ is subject to church discipline.
  4. The person subject to church discipline ought not to be admitted into church membership as though he were not subject to church discipline.
* I suspect it is more that Bob doesn't like the answer than that no one has actually ever answered. Neither Bob nor Bart addressed the odd fact that there are actually Southern Baptists who no longer require immersion as essential to church membership.

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