Friday, February 20, 2015

Inventing the Crusades and other links

The posting of links does not constitute an endorsement of the sites linked, and not necessarily even agreement with the specific posts linked.

* 'Birth of a Nation' -- 100 years on, debate on film endures -- "So now, at the film's centennial, an industry that loves and thrives on honoring its past may allow one of its defining moments to go largely unobserved."
* Happy birthday, Dietrich Bonhoeffer -- "If Protestants had saints, Dietrich Bonhoeffer would be one of them."
Hate Drones? This New Website Lets You Create a 'No Fly Zone' Over Your Property -- "As the drone industry has exploded in the U.S., the Federal Aviation Administration has scrambled to update its rules on the unmanned aircrafts."
* How Christianity's Eastern history has been forgotten -- "Christians were active in what is now Iraq and Iran by the 2nd Century. They were in India and the north of the Arabian Peninsula by the 3rd Century."
* How To Clean Your Ears Without Using A Cotton Swab -- "Even though it seems like you’re doing a good job of cleaning your ears with a swab because you see some wax come out, you’re mostly pushing the wax in further, as opposed to removing it."
* Inventing the Crusades -- "...the Muslim memory of the Crusades is of very recent vintage...When, in 1291, Muslim armies removed the last vestiges of the Crusader Kingdom from Palestine, the Crusades largely dropped out of Muslim memory."
* Marquette Philosophy Instructor: “Gay Rights” Can’t Be Discussed in Class Since Any Disagreement Would Offend Gay Students -- "Opinions with which they disagree are not merely wrong, and are not to be argued against on their merits, but are deemed “offensive” and need to be shut up."
* Russell, We Have a Constitution -- "Now it seems that Southern Baptists’ premier ethicist has changed his tune."
* Some parents say vaccines violate their anti-abortion beliefs -- "In 2013 the scientific journal Nature published an editorial questioning the ethics of the origins of the cell line used in the rubella vaccine."
* Stripping a Professor of Tenure Over a Blog Post -- "Marquette has violated core academic values, regardless of what one thinks of McAdams' commentary or the shabby treatment of the graduate instructor he was criticizing..."
* Texas AG Paxton: Same-sex marriage is void -- "The Court’s action upholds our state constitution and stays these rulings by activist judges in Travis County."
* The Back Story: Details emerge on Kayla Mueller’s capture, captivity at ISIS hands -- "Despite attempts to rescue her, including a failed U.S. raid last year, the Arizona resident was killed."
* The myth that there are more black men in prison than in college, debunked in one chart -- "The number of black men in college used in the report wasn't actually the number of black men in college. It was the number of black men at schools that chose to report this data..."

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