Sunday, February 01, 2015

Are You Kelvin Cochran, and other links

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* 5-Year-Old Girl Dies After Catching the Flu, Even After Getting Vaccine -- "He said his family has taken comfort in the fact that his wife knew CPR and did everything she could. And he knows he'll see his little girl again someday, he said."
* After 150 years, Confederate submarine's hull again revealed -- "What they find may finally solve the mystery of why the hand-cranked submarine sank during the Civil War."
* Are You Kelvin Cochran? -- "Chief Cochran’s struggle is my struggle! I am Kelvin Cochran."
* Evolution Deniers Believe in 'Smorgasbord' of Science -- "Scientists like to portray what they're doing as making fact claims about the natural world. I think that the public doesn't view that quite so cleanly. They see scientists as making moral or meaning claims about the world at the same time."
* Football Physics: Why Deflated Balls Are Easier to Catch -- "A slightly deflated football may also be easier to throw, as long as it isn't overly flat."
* "Last Funeral of the Civil War" to Put Hunley Crew to Rest -- "They died in an age of horse-drawn simplicity."
* NFL says Solder touchdown play was illegal -- "For Fleming to go from an eligible player to an ineligible player, by rule, he would have had to sit out one play (unless there was a timeout, a penalty, or it was the end of a quarter) before returning to the field."
* Son of ex-slave who fought in Union army dies at age 97 -- "...the son of an ex-slave and Civil War Union soldier, died on Sunday, Jan. 25, 2015, 179 years after his father was born."
* Stats Show the New England Patriots Became Nearly Fumble-Proof After 2006 Rule Change Proposed by Tom Brady -- "The statistical 'jump' the Patriots make in the 2006 offseason, from one fumble every 39 plays to one fumble every 76 plays is nothing short of remarkable. Their trendline over this period is not even close to that of the rest of the NFL."
* Texas lawmaker under fire for Facebook post on Muslim Capitol Day -- "The annual gathering of Texas Muslims began in 2003. Organizers told the Texas Tribune that this the first year there have been protests."
* To prevent sex trafficking from becoming Super Bowl scourge, FBI intensifies law enforcement efforts -- "On the Saturday before the Super Bowl, a 23-year-old on the northern edge of this sprawling city scans escort offers on the Internet...She is an agent in the Phoenix division of the FBI."

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