Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Funerary links

The posting of links does not constitute an endorsement of the sites linked, and not necessarily even agreement with the specific posts linked.

* A Biblical Theology of Burial -- "What, if anything does the Scripture say about burial? The answer might surprise you."
* Burial or Cremation? A Biblical Case FOR Burial and AGAINST Cremation -- "Biblical example is a strong argument in setting forth the ways of God, and it should never be dismissed as insignificant."
* Church member denied funeral due to non-payment of tithes -- "...her deceased mother would not be buried in her home church because of lack of tithe payment."
* Cremation: Is It Christian? -- James W. Fraser, Dubuque, IA: ECS Ministries, 2005
* Cremation vs. Burial: A Biblical Perspective -- "The bulk of Biblical evidence leads us to believe that the burning of the body does not represent something good."
* Grave Signs -- "What I couldn’t understand was how few of my fellow Christians joined in my horror at the thought of a Christian man’s cremation."
* Please Don’t Say These Six Things at My Funeral -- "God now has another angel. Heaven is not going to de-humanize me."
* Should Christians be Cremated? -- "Cremation was not an issue for the early Church, which historically taught that burial was the 'Christian' (Biblical) thing to do for loved ones."
* Should Church have Refused Funeral for Gay Man? -- Incident in Tampa, Florida
* The Empty Tomb and the Emptied Urn -- "My hearers were most provoked by what I said, in passing, about an issue we rarely think of as eschatological: cremation."
* The Tragic Death Of The Funeral -- "Stripped of its euphemistic language, the get-together billed as a “celebration” or even a “party” is, in truth, a gathering of mourners around a corpse."
* Things You SHOULD DO and SHOULD NOT DO When Preaching a Funeral -- "Although we hide ourselves from death continually, funerals force us to look mortality in the eye."
* What Does The Bible Say About Cremation? A Christian Study -- "...burial is preferable because many of the pagans burned the body and the body is not shown much honor at death by incinerating it to ashes."
* What makes a funeral distinctively Christian? -- "The family...want a minister to conduct their loved one’s memorial service...but...they impose a restriction: “No religious stuff. Don’t talk about Jesus or heaven.”"
* When Someone Dies" A pastor answers some common questions about funeral practices and traditions -- "Like all Christian worship, the funeral has both a vertical and a horizontal dimension."

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