Monday, December 08, 2014

Songs to a heavy heart, and other book reviews

The posting of book reviews does not constitute endorsement of the books or book reviews that are linked.

* A Case for the Miraculous? Review of Miracles by Eric Metaxas -- "The fine-tuning argument is clearly Metaxas’s favorite."
* Book Note: "Baptism: Three Views", David F. Wright (ed) -- "If you are interested in the debates surrounding Christian baptism (with a Protestant context), this book is must..."
* Book Review - Baptism in the Early Church: History, Theology and Liturgy in the First Five Centuries -- "Baptism in the Early Church is without a doubt the most exhaustive examination ever written about the baptismal teachings and practices of the earliest Christians."
* Book Review - Becoming God's True Woman -- "The book’s primary purpose is to encourage women in the face of feminism in the world—as well as feminist leanings in the church..."
Book Reviews: Don’t Sing Songs to a Heavy Heart -- "Instead of ignoring suffering, denying pain or seeking to “cheer up” the grieving, Christians are most like Jesus when they help bear the burdens of people who are hurting."
* Book Review: ‘George Washington’s Secret Six’ -- "“Washington did not really outfight the British, he simply outspied us!”"
* Dianne Wilkinson Autobiography to Be Released -- "If you love gospel music, you will find a multitude of tidbits of information you never knew from behind the scenes of the gospel music industry.
* God Moments in an Ordinary Life - Debra Talley - Book Review -- "Debra opens up and shares special moments of her life."
* Unbroken: Zamperini’s War -- "That story encompasses an aspect of the American experience during World War II — the cruelty of the Japanese — that, in an era of Toyotas and Sonys and Hideki Matsui, has been almost entirely forgotten."

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