Sunday, December 28, 2014

Online metrical indices

Following is a list of some online metrical indices for hymns and tunes. Some are more useful and/or user-friendly than others. Some are more useful for finding texts, while others are more useful for finding tunes. Providing these links as resources does not constitute an endorsement of the sites or their contents.

* A Metrical Index to Gadsby's Hymns
* Chalice Hymnal Metrical Index
* Christian Classics Ethereal Library Hymn Tune metrical index
* Fasola Modality -- (Two sets of indices, including METER, of The 1991 edition Sacred Harp and seven 19th Century Shape-Note Hymnals.)
* Harmonia Sacra Metrical Index
* Hope Publishing Company Index of Hymn Tunes (Metrical Index begins on page 4)
* Hymn Time's Cyber Hymnal Meter Index
* Index of Meters for Spiritual Songs Hymn Book (There is also a metrical index for the Little Flock 1881 hymn book, but it is not easy to navigate -- for example _1metric.htm is 'long meter', _2metric.htm is 'short meter', etc.)
* Metrical Index of the tunes from the UK Methodist hymn book, Hymns and Psalms
* Metric List of Hymn Tunes of the 1982 Episcopal Church Hymnal (listed by meter, but only gives the first line of the hymn)
* OCP Master Index 2015 (The Metrical Index of Hymn Tunes starts on page 27.)
* Open Hymnal Metrical Index of Tunes
* Psalms and Hymns Metrical Index
* Southern Harmony
* The Free Lutheran Chorale Book Metrical Index of Tunes (links will go to a melody and associated hymn text)
* The Mystery Telling Vol 1 Metrical Index (each link takes you to a music score and hymn text)
* The Sacred Harp, 1991 Denson Edition
* The Sacred Harp, 2012 Cooper Edition
* Timeless Truths (From "all titles" choose to sort by meter.)
* Wesley Hymn Collection Metrical Index

Other resources
These are nice online resources with lots of information, but not indexed by hymn meter.

* (you can enter a meter in their search tool, or you can find a tune or text with the meter you want and click the linked meter from the tune or text's page)
* Oremus Hymnal (you have to look at each individual song to find the meter)
* Psalters (8 different Psalters, but you have to look through the Psalms for the right meter.)
* The Psalms of David in Metre (though these Psalms are in meter, the meter is not listed; they appear to be all, or mostly, in common meter)


Leland Bryant Ross said...

The Oremus Hymmnal, over copyright concerns, is no more--not even in the Wayback Machine. And the Jensen materials are at consideranda.NET, not .COM ...

Unknown said...

Thanks, Leland. For some reason I have never noticed this until now. The Jensen materials are not are .net either, now. Looks like they are gone from the WWW.