Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Latest Sacred Harp and music quotes

"I've known all along that I'm exactly the guy that William Little and William Smith invented the shapes for." -- Robert McKay

"The music evens out differences between people, and you begin to accept people for who they are." -- Bill Caldwell ("You can't sing at the top of your lungs for six hours a day and share meals with people and then worry about arguing or anything,")

"Singing is the understanding, but really and truly, we sing the way it was sung back ... years ago." -- Dewey Williams

"It almost seemed you could stand up and walk on it." -- Buell Cobb

"These were not professional singers, just bold ones. And my goodness, were they loud!" -- Jim Grey

"The sound is always better than the sum of its parts." -- Jim Grey

"You write what you feel." -- Raymond Hamrick

"Music can cure things medication can't." -- copied

"Some tunes go to your heart, and others only to your feet." -- Marcus Peavy

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