Thursday, December 18, 2014

Know the Heretics, and other book reviews

The posting of book reviews does not constitute endorsement of the books or book reviews that are linked.

* Book Review: ‘American Apocalypse’ -- "Sutton, a historian at Washington State University, argues that this form of evangelicalism, a precursor to today’s religious right, did not, as most histories have maintained, isolate itself from political affairs."
* Book Review: Come Out of Her My People by C.J. Koster -- "While "Come Out of Her My People" contains some good information and great Scripture verses, it also employs fallacious reasoning, reaching and subtle twists to come to their conclusions."
* Book Review: 'Hardball Religion' by Wade Burleson -- "...readers who are unfamiliar with the events recorded do not always receive full background or sufficient context."
Book Review: Know the Heretics -- "Who was Pelagius and why should the members of my church bother to find out? Why should we be interested in Arius’s ideas about Jesus Christ..."
* Book Review of Distinctly Baptist: Proclaiming  Identity in a New Generation -- "This text is unique in that it is really a collection of sermon manuscripts."
* Book Reviews, A Distinctively Baptist Church: Renewing your Church in Practice -- "Based on the premise in these post-modern days that many Baptists have either forgotten or neglected what it means to be a Baptist..."
* Book Reviews: Heaven Is For Real -- "Embarking on a short tour of the afterlife is all the rage, it seems."
* Man Realizes Dream of Becoming a Doctor Despite Cerebral Palsy -- (As much or more bio as book review)
* Victory through the Lamb: A Guide to Revelation in Plain Language – Book Review -- "Mark Wilson has provided a readable and helpful survey of the Book of Revelation with accompanying stories of faithful saints and martyrs...My concerns about the book are based on what I view as questionable hermeneutics and eschatology."

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