Sunday, December 14, 2014

Dangers of the Internet

In "Computers: Their Use and Abuse," Shaun Willcock points out some of the dangers the internet* poses:
* Firstly, it is a threat to your time.  How easily, how quickly, it can become all-absorbing, and before you know it you have idled away hours of precious time.
* Secondly, it is a place of great temptation. Well over half the world’s internet use is for accessing pornography. The devastating effects of porn are wreaking havoc across all societies.
* Thirdly, it is riddled with false doctrine and false religion...Not every website is sound. Not every “fact” is truly a fact.  It is astounding how gullible people are.
* Fourthly, can so easily cause an absolute information overload...They are constantly taking in information. Their heads swirl with information. They never relax. 
* which he also points out can be an amazing and wonderful tool

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