Monday, December 01, 2014

An open letter to...

DEAR ABBY: I have read your column off and on for many years. Not for advice, but more as entertainment. Perhaps it's good to know that others have more problems solving their problems that I do. Whatever the reason, I feel tempted to check out your column when I see it in a newspaper. Back on November 16, in the Henderson Daily News you ran a letter from and answer to HELD BACK IN OHIO. In that answer you wrote, beginning "You and Caitlyn are adults in your 40s" and concluding, " should be mature enough to discuss this with her without involving me."

I got a good chuckle and a wise idea from that. I've been watching your column closely since that time. I have some advice for you. Make "you should be mature enough to discuss this without involving me" a stock answer. It is good advice and will work with about 75% of your queries perhaps many more. Of course, it may not be too good for the future of your column once people find out they should be mature enough to solve problems on their own!! But try it; perhaps you'll like it. -- JUST TRYING TO HELP

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