Sunday, February 02, 2014

News from Sandy Valley: a personal devil

The body of Christ at Possum Creek called on the Sandy Valley congregation for the ordination of Newley Drewery, the young 40-something son of Deacon Drew Drewery. He had been teaching the Possum Creek saints for a couple of weeks and they sought this man of God to become their pastor.

The body of Christ at Sandy Valley duly assembled a presbytery to examine young Drewery and make recommendations to the congregation. They organized and set about the task. They heard his experience, his call to preach and his doctrinal views. All proceeded in order and the presbytery privately convened to discuss whether to recommend Newley's ordination. The young preacher had sailed smoothly through all points, save one nagging answer that the visiting ministers especially couldn't shake off. When asked if he believed in a "personal devil", Newley had answered "No." They were not sure they were ready to turn this young whipper-snapper loose on the bodies of Christ. They went round and round the question without resolution till Deacon Tal Goodnews intervened on his behalf. Said Tal, "I move his ordination. This is no great problem. After he's dealt with those hard-heads at Possum Creek for 6 months, he'll know there's a personal devil! (and maybe several devils, Tal chuckled within himself.)" Reverend Rube Askew, former minister at Possum Creek, shouted "Amen" and immediately seconded the motion. With clearer vision now, the presbytery cheerfully recommended Newley's ordination to body of Christ at Sandy Valley. Which they did.

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