Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Various links

The posting of links does not constitute an endorsement of the sites linked, and not necessarily even agreement with the specific posts linked.

* A Journey Through the Tithe -- Jim Ward's blog
* Barring It All, Part 1 -- "I wouldn’t say the rhythm is mis-anything, any more than I would say that shape-note harmonies are 'incorrect'."
* How to Get Hacked in 5 Exciting Steps  -- "Choose an easy password."
* Spartanburg man died trying to save son in massive house fire -- "Family members said Michael Cothran gave his life while trying to save his 9-year-old son Dylan."
* Salem Baptist Association, 1886 -- Old Baptist minutes
* Uncle Tom Denson’s Last Lesson: Observations and Impressions of a Son -- "...the article is a poignant account of the last lesson Pappy Denson led."
* Whoop! One of the world's oldest Aggies turns 102 -- "Mike Dillingham graduated Texas A&M in 1935 and was one of the first students in the petroleum engineering program."

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