Friday, February 07, 2014

More links to boot

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* Arctic's 'Layer Cake' Atmosphere Blamed for Rapid Warming
* Family's Home Raided in Texas, Children Confiscated - Germany Tyranny in Texas -- Generations Radio with Kevin Swanson
* Four Mistakes Preachers (Like Me) Make -- "Therapeutic preaching starts with the assumption that God exists primarily as a sort of free therapist who wants to help people face their challenges, overcome their hang-ups and/or deal with life more successfully."
* GasBuddy Study Finds Best Day for Motorists to Fill Up -- "A GasBuddy analysis released today tracked trends over the last four years showing what day of the week saw the cheapest gasoline price."
* How this family of four lives 'off the grid' in the middle of the desert -- "At a time when we carry computers in our pockets and our cars practically do the driving for us, a certain subset of people have willingly chosen to cut the cord on modern American life"
* Peyton Manning leaves crushing Super Bowl loss with reputation intact -- "At some point, though, at some level, what really matters about a man is how he treats people who hold no leverage over him..."
* Pure class: Sherman said Manning asked him about injured ankle after Super Bowl
* Report: US abortion rate at lowest since 1973 -- "...there were about 1.06 million abortions in 2011 — down from about 1.2 million in 2008."
Seen and Not Heard in Church -- "Where are the children?"
* Stitched Together: S. M. Denson’s Alto Part for “The Last Words of Copernicus” -- "Perhaps the most instantly recognizable musical feature of” Sarah Lancaster’s song 'The Last Words of Copernicus' was not in the composer’s original three-part setting."
* The Feds, the Supremes, Same-Sex Marriage and Utah -- "It is a shame Justice Kennedy had not read, or perhaps understood, the Court's 1885 Murphy v. Ramsey decision...Perhaps Justice Kennedy could explain why this is no longer a 'legitimate purpose'."
* The Unbreakable Super Bowl Records -- "Here are eight records that may never be topped -- or even matched -- in the biggest NFL game of the century every season."
* What does it mean that there is a right to “bear” guns? -- "Lyle Denniston looks at two Second Amendment cases under consideration at the Supreme Court later this month that would clarify questions posed by the National Rifle Association."
* What Obama still hasn't figured out about being president -- "This pen-and-phone business represents a pretty stunning admission from a president five years into his term – that he and his senior aides are still groping about for ways to wield the power of the office, and that they have essentially given up on legislating."

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