Tuesday, February 11, 2014

From Gothard to good health

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Bill Gothard, Sexual Predator -- "It was very common among Gothard followers for parents to send their teen and twenty-something daughters to work for Gothard, and remains so today..."
But there is a problem -- "In scripture, there is a richness of response to evil and suffering, of which the assertion of divine sovereignty is simply one part.  Elihu is correct on sovereignty, yet God still needs to speak to Job because an assertion of sovereignty on its own is not enough."
Children and parents 'unaware of Bible stories' -- "Surveys for the Bible Society found almost three in 10 young people were unaware the story of the birth of Jesus came from the Bible."
Recovering Grace -- "Shining light on the teachings of Bill Gothard, IBLP and ATI"
The Theology Research Paper Title Generator -- I hate coming up with book titles, so I found this humorously helpful.
William Walker: Carolina Contributor to American Music -- "...according to one of Walker’s Philadelphia publishers, nearly 600,000 copies of Southern Harmony had been sold by 1866, an astronomical figure for the South at this time."
Where are the Laments? -- "Many Christians it seems have no clue that a whole Bible book is titled 'Lamentations'."
* Why You Need to Put Your Brain on a Fitness Plan, Too -- "Ready to make your brain smarter? Here are a few scientifically proven ways to do it."

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