Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Saint's Inheritance

Joseph Hart's hymn, The Saint's Inheritance, is in an unusual meter that I find intriguing --

l. Perfect holiness of spirit
Saints above,
Full of love,
With the Lamb inherit.

2. This inheritance, believer,
Faith alone
Makes thy own,
Safe and sure for ever.

3. True, ’twas thine from everlasting;
But the bliss
Of it is
Known to thee by tasting.

4. Though thou here receive but little;
Scarce enough
For the proof
Of thy proper title;

5 Urge thy claim through all unfitness;
Sue it out,
Spurning doubt;
The Holy Ghost’s thy witness.

6. Cite the will of his own sealing;
Title good,
Signed with blood,
Valid and unfailing.

7. When thy title thou discernest,
Humbly then
Sue again
For continual earnest.

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