Wednesday, February 12, 2014


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* 6 Foods You're Eating Wrong -- "You can easily get an egg out of its shell by blowing on it." (If you eat wings, the how to eat wings tip is worth the 2 minutes to watch this.)
* An A Posteriori Cessationist Considers Evidence for A Priori Cessationism -- "Spiritual gifts functioned to validate the eyewitness testimony of those who received the gospel directly from the Lord Jesus."
* Graves' discovery affects Mississippi medical school's plans -- "Future progress for the state's longtime medical school has collided with the ghosts of Mississippi's past — the discovery of a 1,000 bodies buried on its campus and the likelihood of more."
* How the Civil War taught us to deal with the business of death -- "There was absolutely no structure in place on how to identify or how to handle thousands of dead soldiers."
* Janet Paschal Honored By Comfort Care Hospice Of Alabama -- "For the past five years Janet has been heavily involved with so many different activities Comfort Care has sponsored to help various communities throughout the state of Alabama."
* Mississippi Most Religious State, Vermont Least Religious -- "Gallup classifies Americans as very religious if they say religion is an important part of their daily lives and that they attend religious services every week or almost every week."
* The Strange Thing about Strange Fire: A Review of Strange Fire by John MacArthur -- "Strange Fire is John MacArthur’s critique of the excesses of what he terms 'the Charismatic Movement'."

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