Saturday, February 15, 2014


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* 5 misconceptions about Catholics and abortion -- "The Catholic position on sexual health is more nuanced than critics suggest."
* Does Faith = Hate? -- "Refusing despair is a powerful political weapon. If we don’t keep fighting, we are not going to be tolerated."
I Love a Church That Sings Badly -- "I am drawn toward a church that sings poorly and am a little suspicious of a church that sings really well."
* Is opposing gay marriage the same as being a racist? -- "As for gay marriage and anti-discrimination, Chotiner appears not to recognize that his own flippant views — which are very widely held among secular liberals — pose a very real threat to the religious freedom of millions of his fellow citizens."
* No, Christianity Is Not Bad for Marriage -- "Are religious conservatives really divorcing more than religious liberals, or more than people who have no religious affiliation at all?"
* Teen Who Survived Parachute Malfunction Remembers Being 'Scared' -- "...the lessons she has taken from the incident are more personal. She says she now has a stronger belief in God, and a renewed commitment to follow her dream to join the medical profession."
* The Anabaptists -- "Their emphasis on adult baptism, upon profession of faith, as part of commitment to be a disciple, and to form into a fellowship of discipleship distinguished the Anabaptists from both the Lutherans and the Reformed, not to mention the Catholics."
The End of Charity: How Christians are (not) to 'Remember the Poor' -- "...any attempt to construe "remember the poor" as a "church politics" strategy separated from the gospel itself is problematic."
* What do conservative Catholics want from Pope Francis? -- "What the second group of conservatives want is very different — and much more interesting."

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