Monday, April 01, 2019

List of Baptist hymn books and hymnals 2016--2019

My last list of Baptist hymn books and hymnals is here: Baptist hymn books and hymnals 2001--2016. The initial post on the topic is here: List of Baptist Hymn Books and Hymnals. We Baptists keep coming out with new books, so one can’t rest on his laurels. Below is the start of updating books since the list was “finished” about two-and-one-half years ago![i] If anyone has suggestions to add to the list, please do so.

Baptist hymn books and hymnals 2016--2019
  • Olmstead Baptist Church Hymnal, Stephen duBarry, editor, Olmstead, KY: Olmstead Baptist Church, 2017
  • Hymns to the Living God, Scott Aniol,‎ Ryan J. Martin, editors, Fort Worth, TX: Religious Affections Ministries, 2017
  • Songs of Zion, Bryce H. Lowrance, Tim McCool, Carrollton, AL: Songs of Zion, Inc., 2017
  • Rock Fork Regular Baptist Church Song Book, Daryl Slone, Willie Crase Jr., Rock Fork Regular Baptist Church of Jesus Christ, Garrett, KY: Printed by Pippa Valley Printing, 2018
  • Worship the King: an Old School Baptist Hymnal, Christopher Crouse, Philip Conley, Worship the King Hymnal Corporation, 2018
“Left-off” list
  • Baptist Church Hymnal (Revised), London: Psalms and Hymns Trust, 1933.
  • A Few of My Favorite Songs: for the Benefit of Regular Baptist Church, McRoberts, KY: R. H. Welch, n.d.
  • A New Hymnal: a Collection of New and Old Spiritual Songs, Monroe Breeding, W. H. Caudill Jr., 1965
  • Some of Our Favorite Songs, George W. Mullins, Hobert Mullins, McRoberts, KY: McRoberts Regular Baptist Church, 1977
  • Harvest Hymns for South Cushing Baptist, Cushing ME: Cushing Historical Society, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2009

[i] As I find books that we left out, I will add them here until I get around to updating the lists.

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