Sunday, January 27, 2019

A city yet to come

Hymn below by Horatius Bonar, found in The Bible Hymn-Book, 1845, No. CCLX with the text heading “We seek one to come.”—Heb. xiii. 14 (p. 330). The meter is 8s.7s. The tune I know (and like) with this hymn is Rest Beyond by Anthony Johnson Showalter. I am not sure when it was first published.

1. This is not my place of resting,
Mine’s a city yet to come;
Onward to it I am hasting,—
On to my eternal home.

2. In it all is light and glory,
O’er it shines a nightless day;
Every trace of sin’s sad story,—
All the curse has passed away.

3. There the Lamb, our Shepherd, leads us
By the streams of life along;
On the freshest pastures feeds us,
Turns our sighing into song.

4. Soon we pass this desert dreary,
Soon we bid farewell to pain;
Never more be sad and weary,
Never, never sin again.

The only place I found the hymn text sung on YouTube is HERE (not Showalter’s tune). Some printings of this hymn provide a refrain, which is from neither Bonar nor Showalter, such as J. J. Jelley in Pearls of Praise (Bluffton, OH: Amstutz Music Co., 1893, No. 35)

Beautiful home, oh, may we come
Safe to its fields of fadeless day;
Where every trace of sin’s dark story,
All the curse hath passed away.

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