Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Sacred Harp in the news (years ago)

Miscellaneous news of The Sacred Harp from Alabama in days gone by.

“They used the Sacred Harp…The audience were frequently lifted to the highest pitch of enthusiastic delight at the melodious swelling strains of soul searching emotioned music wafted out upon the soft balmy air of that lovely Sabbath day. The deepest and surest foundations are laid by such music for christian character and piety. A profound impression was made by this singing upon all who heard it.” From “Singing Convention at Georgiana,” Greenville Advocate, Greenville, Alabama, Thursday, May 24, 1877, page 2

“There may be note books better adapted to the theater or the ball but none is better for the church that the Sacred Harp. We oughn’t to try to keep up with the present times unless it can be made to appear that new times are better than old times.” Letter from “Hez. J. Skot” in The Guntersville Democrat, Guntersville, Alabama, Thursday, August 30, 1883, page 2

“So the Convention will stick to its old landmarks. A homely but forcible illustration in this discussion was used by Mr. Robinson, of Barbour. He said he ‘did not see the use of plowing corn with seven furrows when you could make just as good corn with four furrows;’ and the Convention does make really good sacred music with four notes.” From “The Macedonia Singing Convention,” Herald and Times, Union Springs, Alabama, Wednesday, July 2, 1885, page 3

“Clay County, Alabama, is now principally engaged in singing. According to the papers up that way, the business day and night at every X roads and from every school cabin the ‘Sacred Harp; is being recited in nasal strains and overwhelming vigor.” From “Brevities,” Russell Register, Seale, Alabama, Saturday, August 4, 1888, page 3

“After the ceremony we retired to the dining room where we enjoyed a good and wholesome dinner, after which we engaged in singing a lesson from the good old Sacred Harp.” Report on the marriage of Thomas F. Brooks and Mrs. M. J. Skipper, The Clarke County Democrat, Grove Hill, Alabama, Thursday, June 5, 1890, page 4

“The body adopted the constitution of the Southern Musical Convention, The body adopted ‘Enterprise District Musical Convention’ as the name of this convention.” From The Ozark Tribune, Ozark, Alabama, Tuesday, August 30, 1904, page 4

“We are thankful for such people as have not closed their doors to Sacred Harp music–the old blue-back Sacred Harp that come up from the pinny wood and the log cabin, but is fast making its way into the cities. Oh how sweet this music on the sacred spot where God’s people worship and commune together. May this be a starting point for better times, and when an old soldier lays down his arms his children will step in and take them up.” From a resolution on thanks at the Choctawhatchee Musical Convention, held on the second Sunday in May at Pine Level Church, The Times and News, Eufaula, Alabama, Thursday, May 24, 1906, page 2

“The committee on arrangements knew their business well and did it better.” From The Clayton Record, Clayton, Alabama, Friday, August 4, 1911, page 1

“The old songs of Zion that are contained in the Revised Sacred Harp is the kind of music that opens the very gates of Heaven, and fills the soul to overflowing with gladness.” by Old Blue (A. J. Galloway), from Southern Star, Newton, Alabama, Wednesday, April 5, 1916, page 2

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