Friday, December 14, 2018

A wrong approach

In the “you can’t make this stuff up” category, I found that certain followers of Peter Ruckman have gone so far as to create a text to “prove” the 1611 King James Bible is mentioned in the inspired word of God. I referenced this in a previous post last year, but decided to expand on it just a bit.

Timothy S. Morton in “An ‘Unconventional’ View of the Scriptures” mentions that some guy, identified only as “The Carpenter,” came up with the idea of making a biblical text which changes the printed numbers (as words) into Arabic numerals. “To aid in seeing the numbers, they need to be changed from text into digits (3 for ‘three,’ 80 for ‘fourscore,’ etc.)…As a result we produced a new edition of the Authorized King James Version like no other in existance (sic). We call it the Authorized Version, Numerical. It is identical to the regular Authorized Version in words and meaning. The only differences are the written out number words are changed to digits, with brackets around the digits for clarity (basically just a spelling change), and the text is broken at sentences, questions, and the digits.” These Gnostics have found the key to the Scriptures – the key to proving, to their own satisfaction, that the scriptures themselves prove, in so many numbers, that the King James Bible is the word of God. “It appears the Lord hid a key in the Scriptures nearly 2000 years ago that He kept hidden until 2009.” They found a sequence of verses/sentences that has a 1, then a 6, then a 1, and then another 1 – John 11:52-12:5.[i]
Who says the 1611 is not found in the Bible! As far as we know this is the first time this has been revealed. This sequence transcends language and translation. The digits 1611 are found in any true Bible text in any language! a simple test try to find the dates that some of the "new Bibles" were published in sequence like 1611. How about,
1885, (The Revised Version that was destined to ‘replace’ the AV) — Nope
1901, (The American Standard Version)  — Nope
1952, (The Revised Standard Version)  — Nope
1967, (The New American Standard Version)  — Nope
1978, (The New International Version)  — Nope
1982, (New King James Version) — Nope
2001, (English Standard Version) — Nope
...and many more!
Thus the only major Bible translation with its publication date found in order among the numbers of the Scriptures is that of the Authorized King James of 1611!
Furthermore, what is indeed ironic is the 1611 sequence is found in all the new versions while their own publication dates are not! How is that for an insult?
Apparently the Authorized Version, Numerical is available on the Version 4.8 of the Bible Analyzer software program. While I agree with Timothy Morton and “The Carpenter” that the King James Bible is the word of God, I reject such defense of it as bordering on the nonsensical. Such an argument is “preaching to the choir” that will convince none but the already convinced.

[i] They also found 1611 backwards – 1161.

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