Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Tracing Baptist history views, 2

In addition to views of Baptist perpetuity in the Northern U.S., such views are/were found “across the pond” in the United Kingdom. One unlikely source in among the Old Baptist Union founded in 1880 by Henry Augustus Squire and others.[i] His son Thomas H. Squire wrote, The International Old Baptist Union - A Revival of the Old Baptists and in it advocated a perpetuity of Baptist churches from the Apostolic churches to the churches in the Old Baptist Union.[ii]
“...we contend that we are the true successors of the Apostolic churches, the first and oldest Baptists, in that we believe in and practise all the ordinances and doctrines of the New Testament, some of which other sections of the Baptist body have neglected or laid aside.” (A Revival of the Old Baptists, p. 3)
“A fuller statement of our teaching is contained in the booklets, ‘Who are the Successors of the Apostolic Churches?’ and ‘The Old Baptist Union Confession of Faith, reprinted from the edition of 1660,’ and our other works.” (A Revival of the Old Baptists, p. 4)
“Those old Baptists—the Waldenses—who for centuries endured persecution and reproach unmoved, also practised the laying on of hands in ordination. The historian Muston says of their Ministers, that after a necessary training they were ‘Consecrated to the Ministry by the laying on of hands.’ They were then sent out two and two to preach over a large portion of Southern Europe.” (A Revival of the Old Baptists, p. 6)
“That the first Baptists—those in the Apostolic churches—believed in this principle, is proved by—Acts viii. 14, 19; Heb. vi. 1, 2; Acts xix. 6; II Tim. i, 6;* and that many of our Baptist forefathers in the 17th Century "continued stedfastly in the Apostles' doctrine" in this particular, will be seen from the following:—” (A Revival of the Old Baptists, p. 7)

[i] It is very unlikely that the Old Baptist Union movement was influenced by Landmark Baptists in the Southern U.S.
[ii] He does, nevertheless, distinguish his position from “apostolic succession” or a demonstrable church succession in the work referenced above – Who are the Successors of the Apostolic Churches? A Question which directly concerns all Christians, answered by the Word of God. (Sixth Edition, London: International Old Baptist Union Book & Tract Society, 1890)

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