Thursday, April 27, 2017

Walking with God

XXV, “For Communion with God” by Thomas Shepherd (1665-1739)

1. Alas, my God, that we should be
Such Strangers to each other!
O that as Friends we might agree,
And walk, and talk together!
Thou know’st my Soul doth dearly love
The Place of thine Abode;
No Music drops so sweet a Sound,
As those two words, My God.

2. I long not for the Fruit that grows
Within these Gardens here;
I find no sweetness in their Rose
When Jesus is not near:
Thy gracious Presence, O my Christ
Can make a Paradise;
Ah, what are all the goodly Pearls
Unto this Pearl of Price!

3. May I taste that Communion, Lord,
Thy people have with Thee?
Thy Spirit daily talks with them,
O let it talk with me!
Like Enoch, let me walk with God,
And thus walk out my Day,
Attended with the Heavenly Guards
 Upon the King’s High-way.

4. When wilt thou come unto me, Lord?
O come, my Lord most dear!
Come near, come nearer, nearer still;
I’m well when Thou art near.
When wilt thou come unto me, Lord?
I languish for thy Sight;
Ten Thousand Suns, if thou art Strange,
Are shades instead of Light.

5. When wilt thou come unto me, Lord?
For, till thou dost appear,
 I count each Moment for a Day,
Each Minute for a Year.
Come, Lord and never from me go,
This World’s a darksome Place;
I find no Pleasure here below,
When thou dost veil thy Face.

6.  There’s no such Thing as Pleasure here;
My JESUS is my All;
As Thou didst shine or disappear,
My pleasures rise and fall.
Come, spread thy Savour on my Frame,
No sweetness is so sweet;
Till I get up to sing thy Name,
Where all thy Singers meet.

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