Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Crucifixion Hymn by Samuel Stennett

Crucifixion Hymn by Samuel Stennett

The Attraction of the Cross. John 12:32. Common Meter.

1 Yonder amazing sight!—I see
Th’ incarnate Son of God
Expiring on th’ accursed tree,
And weltering in his blood!*

2 Behold a purple torrent run
Down from his hands and head!
The crimson tide puts out the sun—
His groans awake the dead!

3 The trembling earth, the darkened sky,
Proclaim the truth aloud’
And, with th’ amazed centurion, cry,
This is the Son of God!”

4 So great, so vast a sacrifice
May well my hope revive;
If God’s own Son thus bleeds and dies,
The sinner sure may live.

5 Oh, that these cords of love divine
Might draw me, Lord, to thee!
Thou hast my heart—it shall be thine—
Thine shall it ever be!

* [Note: some versions have, “In agony and blood]

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